HP Intelligent Management Video Tutorials and Related Blogs

As a side project to help my customers, I’ve started producing some how-to videos using HP’s Intelligent Management Center ( IMC ) Network Management Application.

If you find value in this or have any specific question about using this product. Please feel free to leave a request in the comments below and I’ll try to address it.

You tube main channel : TheIMCManagement

1) How to find a host

2) Multi-Vendor Graphical VLAN Management

3) Setting up Network Traffic Analysis ( NTA ) with your HP switch

4) HP IMC – Filtering Interface Traps

5) IMC Automated Change Detection

6) IMC Bridging the virtual network

7) IMC Comware switch SFTP backup

8) IMC Multi-Vendor Configuration Backup

9) HP IMC – Managing MSM Wireless w/ IMC Wireless Services Module 5.1

10) HP IMC – Using Auto-Deployment

11) HP IMC – IMC 5.1 Install & Initial Setup – Part 1

12) HP IMC – IMC 5.1 Install & Initial Setup – Part 2

13) HP IMC – Using IMC 5.1 Compliance Center

Technical Blogs

Importing a Digital Certificate to HP’s Intelligent Management Center (iMC) by @nicklowe

Collecting Cisco ASA tunnels on HP’s IMC by @neelixx

Configuring Juniper sFlow for HP’s IMC by @neelixx

HP IMC: Backup Cisco ASA via SSH by @northlandboy

HP IMC – Mobile App by @neelixx


4 thoughts on “HP Intelligent Management Video Tutorials and Related Blogs

  1. Congratulations for the videos ! It helps a lot new and advanced users !

    One question, how to add graphs for manage disk usage ? How to add graphs to add graps to manage network usage ?

    Could you help me with this ?

    Tks you sir !

    • Hey @Paul,

      I’ll add this to the list. keep in mind though, IMC is not focused as a systems management tool, but more as a network mgmt tool. when it comes down to it, if the device you’re monitoring supports SNMp, you can always pull the stats.



  2. Hi…Great tutorial videos for IMC. My question relates to setting thresholds per port as opposed to device. HP tells us that we can set port monitoring levels, yet we don’t seem to have information as to how to set the port threshold. Exa
    mple would be a switch with ports that need to be configured with certain response time such as =< 250ms. How can I set the threshold for the ports on the device to be monitored by HP IMC. We have HP IMC Standard V5.1 w Sp1.

    • Hi John,

      In a nutshell, you look at the monitored indexs, find the specific one you’re looking for and double click on it. 🙂 It should then pop open a window. I haven’t checked if this is changed in 5.2 or not.

      I’ll take a look and try to put together a video for you.


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