Python for Network Engineers Resources

This page is a (hopefully) evolving list of different resources that I’ve found useful as I journey into becoming a network programmer. This is by no means an exhaustive list. If you’ve got something you find useful that I’m missing, please comment and I’ll be happy to add it below.

Why Python? : Because all the cool kids are doing it. There are a lot of other great languages out there, like Ruby and Go, that are going to be extremely useful as well, it just so happens that Python is the one I’ve chosen to spend my time on as far as network automation.


Learning Resources

Courses  – search for python. Not network focused, but some great content. – @kirkbyers python course specifically for network engineers

RegEx Tutorial from Google – Regular Expressions for Python Tutorial

Python Guide



list of some of the people who are leading the way

Jason Edelman’s Blog   @jedelman8   @kirkbyers  @mierden

Brent Salisbury’s Blog   @networkstatic

Dave Tucker’s Blog  @davetucker

Videos     – some python focused tutorials.   – 2800+ Videos!


Building Templates

Cisco DevNet Learning Labs    *requires CCO id and registration

Pycharm Education Edition  – Built in tutorials accesible offline





List of Git Resources ( and videos! ) from the Cousera Data Scientist toolbox course

Network Libraries

PYSNMP  – SNMP Library for Python

NCCClient – NETCONF Client for Python

TextFSM  – Library from Google to help parse CLI output. 

PyEZ Python framework  – Juniper Python Libraries

AutoNetkit – Library to produce network diagrams ( and more! ) 

Networkx – Library to help deal with complex networks ( not just IT networks, but biological, social, etc… networks in the scientific sense )


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