HP IMC Multi-Factor Authentication

Hey All,

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve started doing more and more public stuff on the HP IMC platform, including making the jump into blogging on the official HP Networking blog hub. I’m still going to keep this blog around as I like the ability to have my own opinions as seperate from my employer. But after a lot of prompting from customer and peers, I’m going to try and start putting down what little info I’ve gathered over the years on this platform in hopes that someone else might find this useful. This is the first of those post. Hope you enjoy

So let’s get started.

For those of you who haven’t logged into HP’s IMC NMS platform yet, it looks like this.

Or if you wanted to get creative and know a certain wookie, you can create your own images and place them in

c:\program file\imc\client\web\apps\imc\images\login

directory and replace the file “login_hp.gif” with a file of the same size.

So your IMC could look something like this

Now for those of you who were paying attention, you might have noticed that there’s a third field that appeared on the second login screen.

The “Verify Code” field. This is you basic captchca, and although it does not offer the same level of security of a RSA key… (ok maybe an ActiveIdentity key?) it does provide administrators with a multi-factor authentication which is another layer in your basic security onion.

How did you do that?

Pretty simple actually.


1, Open “c:\Program Files\IMC\client\conf\commonCfg.properties”

2, Modify “enableValidationCode” to “true”

3, Restart IMC

Now your Login page should have the extra field and look like this

Extra Security. Same low, low price.

That’s it.

Hope someone somewhere find this useful.