Existential Tiggers and Zen Yogi Camels

As some of you who follow my tweets know, I’ve recently been sent a few boxes of things from my parents house. From tijuanna big birds ( a four foot big bird missing an eye who looks like someone jacked him in an alley in Tijuanna. ) to a 1978 15′ Chewbacca doll, complete with his ammo belt, satchel and bowcaster.

I stumbled upon a set of poems that my friend A. Robert Howerton Esq. put together and this one just needed to go in writting. It’s not tech, but to me, it’s worth immortalizing on the internet. 🙂


Existential Tiggers and Zen Yogi Camels   

by A. Robert Howerton Esq.


Here I stand, the existential tigger.

Bouncing through life

never wanting for the more.

I yearn for pleasure

I find it in your smile.

Here stands the zen yogi camel

Always docile, always serene

Free in the spirit and the mind.

He watches life and absorbs it, but,

he never joins in.

You see, the camel can’t bounce, he is too heavy.

And you’ll never see a tigger watch because his eyes shake when he bounces.



20 years later, I still find wisdom in those words.


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