it’s been awhile….

so it’s been a bit since I posted and as I sit here in a Toronto airport, traveling home from 2 weeks in Beijing, I finally have a bit of time to sit down and write.

The last couple of months has brought change and new experiences.

The News:

I have accepted a new role in HP Networking working for the global business unit as a technical marketing engineer. I’m sure this won’t come as much of a surprise, but I will be joining the team responsible for the HPN Network Management product, IMC.

As most people who know me are aware, and I’m sure is obvious to anyone who’s spent some time on my blog, I’ve been a huge advocate of Network Management for awhile, and specifically HPNs product IMC. In the words of one of my former peers;

” This is one of the most of obvious moves in the history of HP Networking. ”

I’ve been doing a lot of TME activities for the last few years, and I am joining an amazing team, many of whom I’ve known for years.
It’s going to be a big change moving from a sales role to a BU role, but I’m excited to learn another side of this wonderful business we all are crazy enough to love.

I’m hoping to keep up the blog and the videos, but it might be a challenge considering my former passion has now become my full time job.

Not a bad gig if you can get it. 🙂

This blog will, of course, still remain my own words, my own opinions, and not represent those of my employer in any way.



5 thoughts on “it’s been awhile….

    • LOL I’ve heard that a lot… Trying to figure out how to post on the HP corp site as well, :).

      Might have to lose the Star Wars scrolling text, but the content should be good. ( I hope ! )

      Lots of plans for videos next month with the 5.2 release. some for IMC basic, BYOD ( UAM/EAD/WSM), new features, etc…

      I’m going to try and double post for a bit until I figure out the official video process.

  1. Hello !

    I want to know if there is a list with the supported devices by the HP IMC?
    I am involved with specifying systems for clients most every day and if I am not confident that product X will support product Y, I will use another product that I can confirm does… Simple matter on not putting my head on the block…


    • Hi Nithish,

      This is my personal blog and any comments on here reflect my own opinions and not those of HP in any way.

      The device matrix is available from your HP sales team. To be honest, because of the flexibility of IMC and the ease of which customers can add their own device adapters, it’s barely asked for.

      support is also a very tricky question. an argument can be made easily that if a device supports SNMP, IMC can fully support it from a monitoring perspective. This is how products like Cisco Prime Infrastructure claim 3rd party support. It’s enough for some customers, but ideally 3rd party device support claims should be based in something more than just basic monitoring.

      For management, IMC supports HPN devices, a ton of Huawei devices, as well as most Cisco devices ( both NX and IOS based ). This includes backup/restore, VLAN management etc….

      additional vendors like Juniper, Nortel, Extreme, and F5 have been added over the years as well. But support is not to the extent of which has been done for the vendors above.

      One other quick thing, in the interest of full disclosure, I’d appreciate a heads up when another vendor is asking questions. Your IP address is showing from range. Just good form in the blogging community.

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